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Our Expertise

Business secure isn't just a name, it's an approach to ensuring that your organisation derives benefit from its compliance activities.  What's the point of spending money if you can't derive benefit.  Secure your business today by embracing change and unlocking your potential.


Whether it be the applied GDPR, payment card compliance, data protection or complex multinational cloud, Business Secure can help you navigate the compliance maze.

Gap analysis

Let us help you understand the current state of your organisation's maturity to adopt the myriad of compliance requirements.

Corporate governance

Our consultants can help your board understand their obligations, and how to deliver ROI from compliance activities

ISO compliance

Our consultants fully understand the certification and maintenance requirements of the ISO/IEC-27000 family of standards and ISO/IEC-22301 and ISO/IEC-31000.

Government compliance

Our consultants are skilled in TSA CoP gap analysis, HSCN CN-SP compliance, NIS Regulations, ISO27001 and Cloud Security Principles.

Security awareness

Our consultants are experienced in delivering the full range of awareness presentations to both staff and supply partners.

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